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      網址:www.thirdlegcoaching.com  2021-06-22  作者:admin    閱讀:

      With the rapid development of China's infrastructure in recent years, the construction industry is developing rapidly, and migrant workers are increasingly insufficient. With the rise of wages and the situation that workers are hard to find, many people are optimistic about the huge market of whitewall machines. Therefore, many unscrupulous and unscrupulous manufacturers blindly exaggerate the functions of the powder wall machines in order to make profits, and sell them at a very low price As a result, many machines have become "a pile of scrap iron", which has greatly hindered the healthy development of the industry.
      隨著近年最新智橡膠托輥 槽型托輥 皮帶托輥 平行托輥 保定搬家 保定搬家電話 保定搬家公司 保定搬家 銅鼎 銅獅子 能型粉墻機的問世,徹底改變了原有的使用方法,粉墻效率大大提高,再次受到建筑行業的關注和青睞,市場前景一片光明!
      With the advent of the latest intelligent whitewall machine in recent years, the original use method has been completely changed, and the efficiency of whitewall has been greatly improved. Once again, it has been paid attention to and favored by the construction industry, and the market prospect is bright!